What is the difference between Stateless Functional Components and class components? Stateless components are used to display data only while class components have state and can display data as well. Describe the reasoning behind Controlled Components. These are components whose value is used to update the state, then the value from the state (perharps modified) […]

Virtual DOM is an internal representation of the rendered UI by React. It appears to be a caching mechanism that allows faster access via already created JS objects rather than existing or new DOM objects. The Diffing Algorithm is a set of rules that React uses when rendering the UI. When the root of the […]

Just read about the new keywords let and const in ES6 and created a small script to test whether a variable declared with const is available outside it’s scope. In the process, I got some strange results while running with the default nodejs 4.2.6 on Ubuntu 14, so I had to do an upgrade to […]

I ran into this example while on the react nanodegree lesson 1 on Udacity. Once I installed nodejs on Ubuntu, I was able to setup a configuration in intellij to run it successfully. The output is an array of name lengths. const names = [‘Karen’, ‘Richard’, ‘Tyler’]; const nameLengths = names.map( name => name.length ); […]

Saturday 18th October marked my third time from Tabuga to Dundori. It had rained the night before so there were some extra muddy areas especially near Mama Kambo’s. It was an overall comfortable run. On Mashujaa day itself, I set out for my first ever run to Murunyu. I could not recall the last time […]

On Saturday 4th October, I started out from Tabuga at 8am at a slow pace and ran non-stop to Tumaini/Ol Kalou turnoff. After warming down, I got into a matatu and headed back down. I felt like this second run was more comfortable than my first – possibly since I have shed some weight and […]

I did not know which line number the text I wanted from the file was starting, so I used a tip from cyberciti.biz that resulted in the following: tail -n 20000 /path/to/file | less -N I located the start of the section at line 2293, so I subtracted that from the original estimate (20,000 – 2293) […]